get to know me - [1/5] male characters

Tachibana Makoto

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Tsukki's beautiful, apathetic face in Haikyuu!! 18

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F R E E ! - Eternal Summer』

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↳ Kageyama’s Precious Smile

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Tokyo Ghoul - Kaneki and Touka

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Sugawara Koushi may not be a parent in a biological sense, but he certainly is the mommy of these baby crows.

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"We won!"

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 In the battle of height that is volleyball, libero is one of the few positions in which a short player can survive.But I’m not a libero because of my height. I’d be a libero even if I was two meters tall. Even if your side misses a spike, even of your side can’t block as long as the ball doesn’t hit the court in volleyball, that means you haven’t lost. and the one best suited to do that is the libero. - Nishinoya Yuu

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"Like two bodies in perfect harmony"

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 3 - Makoharu

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